Opening a/the blog

Why a/this blog ?

It’s been a while since I want to open a real tech blog, not a “social / friends” blog.

I want to have a place to simply post my snippets that I don’t know where I can put, to have a personal reference on the web, to chat with visitor about technologies, to make them discover how to do some stuff and they make me discover stuff too et why not in fixing/optimizing my code ? Finally I do it to improve my English 😀 .

I thought about completely build from scratch a website with Python/Django (which you’ll see is my favorite language/framework), but some questions come into my mind:

  • Does the fact to code the site, maintains it, find a hosting, always fix bugs + verify cross-browser compatibility might not stop me?

Why not code your own ?

That’s effectively which makes me hesitate for a long time, but now I am convinced that for a first blog it is better to use a complete “ready to use” solution like wordpress. So, I would strongly recommend this platform (or this type of platform) as a beginning.

Thereafter if posts/visitors are regular why not make your own CMS.


What I’ll post on it?

This blog will focus on technical, technologies, snippets, good links and tutorials (it is at least that I would to do with it for now ^^).


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